True learning starts with a passion, not with content. Content only gets you there.

All what we do is based on our pillars: Nature & Nutrition, Body & Health, Learning Support, Creativity, and Innovation.


We recognize that children discover the world through learning and it is our daily task to provide the right tools and environment to motivate and guide in their learning. We do that by cultivating a widely, balanced sustainable lifestyle in children and encourage and support self-motivation, critical and creative thinking, social responsibility and last but not least, compassion for others.


We are convinced that only holistic teaching supports our values and our school vision. Our teachings not only support the child’s academic progress, social and emotional development, but also encourage an understanding of the environment, the community and the world.


Finding your Passion... can happen in a heartbeat, at any point in your life, but you can also find out what your passion really is, when guided by your intuition in the right environment.

Building Confidence...  working towards dreams is one of the most important aims in Escola Global. We endeavor to inspire and take action with proper guidance and encouraging role-models.